EAG-B20 #1

Balance SBC External


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When Eagle balances a crankshaft, no shortcuts are taken. Eagle uses Hines computerized balancers and trained technicians whose only job is to balance crankshafts. Eagle weighs each component used to determine the bobweight of the assembly (or you can provide a bobweight if only a crank is ordered). Moment-matched weights are then bolted to each rod journal to simulate the weight of the components. The crankshaft is spun and imbalance is measured. Corrections are made to the counterweights only in order to bring the crankshaft into balance. Internally balanced cranks are balanced without a damper and flywheel installed. Externally balanced crankshafts are balanced with an external balance damper and flywheel installed. Balancing tolerance per Hines' specification is 4g due to the tolerance of the balancing machine.

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