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How can I identify Eagle products?

Identifying Eagle rods is easy if you know what you are looking for.
Current production Eagle H-beam rods all have the Eagle logo on the side of the beam as shown in this picture. Older production did not have this. It was implemented around 2003-2005 in response to one of our competitors using the same part numbers that we use.
Another design feature is the shape of the area around the bolt and the ridge in the middle of the beam. This has always been our design. If yours are rounded and/or have no ridge then you do not have Eagle rods!
Finally, our bolts are custom manufactured for us by ARP. All Eagle bolts will have "EAGLE" on the head of the bolt along with other information. Several years ago, a few bolts had "ESP" on the head instead of "EAGLE".
Current design Eagle I-beam rods also have the Eagle logo on the beam. It is laser-etched and can be difficult to read, especially on used rods. Older designs did not have this logo. A manufacturing code is also laser etched on the opposite side of the beam. The bolts will also have "EAGLE" on the head. 
Older design I-beam rods used an ARP wavelock bolt with 12 point nuts. Obviously, these did not have "EAGLE" anywhere on the bolts or nuts. Even older designs used a 6 point nut. Both of these are shown in this picture.
Around 2001, we added the Eagle logo to the face of the first counterweight on our cast crankshafts. Without the logo, there a couple of other things to look for. earlier cranks had either "ESP" or nothing on the first counterweight.
On the face of the 1st counterweight you will find two sets of numbers. The identifying marks to look for can be in one of two different places. You will find two lines of numbers resembling the ones shown here. These will identify the material and application information. This shows an example of this information on the face of the first counterweight. For the specific meanings of these numbers, please call.
Since about 2003, all Eagle 4340 cranks have had the Eagle logo on the face of the first counterweight.

The other common location is on the edge of the first counterweight as shown here.
The ESP Armor process will make reading the markings even more difficult, if not impossible.