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Eagle Extreme Duty H-Beam rods are our top-of-the-line performance connecting rod. We are currently offer our XD line of connecting rods for select sport-compact applications only. We start with our tried and true 3rd generation H-Beam design and perform our ESP Armor surface finishing process. To provide the maximum strength to keep the big end bore round and performing under the most extreme conditions, ARP Custom Age 625+ bolts are used. These bolts feature a 270,000 psi tensile strength (23% higher than ARP 2000) and are the strongest rod bolts money can buy. We have had a difficult time putting a power rating on these as we just haven't had any fail yet. We've seen close to 1300hp from them in a 4 cylinder. They are not indestructable. There is a limit - we just haven't found it yet. We feel 1300hp will suit almost any realistic racer's expectations. All Eagle Extreme Duty H-Beam rods are bushed for full-floating piston pins. Alignment sleeves are used to precisely position the cap. To further perfect the surface and completely remove all inclusions, a variation of our ESP Armor process is used when producing our Extreme Duty rods. Eagle H-Beam rods are not legal for use in pollution-controlled vehicles.